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Classics in the Classroom, Theme, & In-School Programs

Classics in the Classroom & In-School Programs
Educational, Theme, & Entertainment Programs
for private, corporate, community, clubs, fund raising, or school events) 

Ronald Hedlund in Telemann's “Der Schulmeister/Schoolmaster”

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Entertainment and Educational Programs
Experience and enjoy American cultural history through songs of the day. (No text books, no exams!) Presenting songs of the Civil War, Great Depression, or World War II through song & PPT (voice and piano) (Sample historical song programs are attached below)     

     a) Goober Peas (Songs of the Civil War)   
     b) O’er the Ramparts We Watched (Songs of WW II)    
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (1920s & 1930s great depression songs)   

View Sample Sound & Video files here

  Celebrated Bass-baritone Ronald Hedlund presents history through song & PPT in concert, classrooms, for public & private  
While enjoying songs and PPT images, students & audiences learn th
e origins of songs, what happened in people’s lives
  during historic eras, and how the songs became popular.

Ronald Hedlund’s “Classics in the Classroom” series began in the spring of 2008 with pianist Eric Dalheim as a Danville (IL) Symphony educational outreach event and continue through the CU Symphony Guild's In School programs. The series helps fulfill the symphony’s educational missions, encourage audiences to learn more about history and music, while enjoying an accessible, affordable, entertaining cultural event. Programs receive continuous acclaim throughout Central Illinois in area schools, at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital, Civil War Round Table Association, Teacher Association meetings, the Mills Breast Cancer institute Music Series, Windsor of Savoy Adult Living Center, Springer Cultural Center, on WDWS Radio, for private events, a Danville Symphony Arts in the Parks Concert, and fund raising events.

More Educational Theme Programs
(presented by
Champaign-Urbana Symphony
small ensembles)
  • Vintage Disney (music from early and current Disney films with PPT)
  • Children's programs with music & narrator 
    Peter & the Wolf
     (<< video link with puppets) also without puppets
    Willie Was Different - Norman Rockwell's story with music by Seymour Barab with flute, clarinet, piano and narrator
    Musical Critters
    (Babar the Elephant and animal songs for pre-school and elementary students) for voice, cello, and piano
    Read it Again Mommy  -Little Red Riding Hood, Ferdinand the Bull, & Charles Chaplin's Great Dictator Shaving Scene Music with string quartet,
    Narrator & PPT
  • Broadway shows
  • American music and composers
  • European favorites
  • The Beatles

Entertainment Programs (for private, corporate, community, clubs, fund raising, or school events)  
        •   A Dean Martin Tribute (popular songs for baritone and piano)
        •   That's Amore (popular Love songs - baritone, cello, and piano)
        •   Ole Blue Eyes - Frankly Speaking (popular songs for baritone and piano)
        •   Songs to Bid Friends Welcome or Some Enchanted Evening (baritone, cello, and piano) -
            (songs & salon tunes, chamber music, opera, & beloved melodies from  Broadway, & the Great American Songbook.
            Composers include Haydn, Mozart, Wagner, Lehár, Vincent Youmans, Cole Porter, Kurt Weill, George Gershwin,
            Leonard Bernstein, Lee Holdridge, Rodgers & Hammerstein, & more.)
        •   Salute to Vienna (popular songs for baritone, cello, and piano)
        •   In the Mood for Mozart (baritone, cello, and piano)
        •   Piano Trio (Violin or flute, cello, & piano) & more programs designed to fulfill customer's requests

To plan a program for your special event: contact c/o 1st Choice Music Services, attn: Barbara Hedlund Tel 217-384-0874, vcello1@comcast.net, www.barbarahedlund.com

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